Shocker: Democrats Refuse to Accept Defeat (Yet Again)

Shocker: Democrats Refuse to Accept Defeat (Yet Again)

One of the funniest things coming out of the 2016 election was the abject refusal of so many on the left to accept the outcome of the vote. They spent years claiming it was the Russians who handed the presidency to Donald Trump, being intentionally vague about what that accusation meant:

Did it mean that the Russians hacked the voting machines?

Did it mean that Russians infiltrated the country and voted for Trump?

Did it mean that Russians somehow used a revived KGB to suppress Democrat voters?

As it turned out, the offense seemed to be some collection of Russian tech guys coordinating a bunch of online bots to pounce on social media posts. Or something.

Ridiculous though it was, the Democrats pushed the narrative all the way into the realm of an official investigation, led by Robert Mueller. After months and months of research, interviews, testimony, witnesses, and political shakedowns, Mueller’s report landed like a giant thud on the floor. The best the Democrats could respond with was, “Well Mueller didn’t say that Trump was innocent!” As though that’s how investigations and prosecutions are supposed to work.

Then came the most recent attempt to undermine the Trump presidency, the impeachment circus. It was partisan theater from the beginning. No one thought that the Democrats in the House would fail to impeach, no matter how weak the evidence was. And no one thought that the Republicans in the Senate would fail to acquit, no matter how strong the evidence was. It was all a show.

So having suffered another setback, how are the Democrats handling it?

They didn’t accept the election results.

They didn’t accept the Mueller results.

They didn’t accept the impeachment results.

If you aren’t picking up on a pattern there, you aren’t paying very close attention. This is why I can’t help but laugh every time I see leading left-wingers wring their hands over the prospect of President Trump refusing to accept defeat in 2020 and leave office.

One the one hand, their petulant political antics make it a higher likelihood every day that Trump won’t have to leave office after November. And on the other, past practice clearly shows that if there’s one party whose obsession with power threatens the authenticity and authority of our republican systems of government, it’s not the Republicans.