The Media Really Is Against Bernie. Wow.

The Media Really Is Against Bernie.  Wow.

It was something, at the CNN Democratic Debate, to watch the CNN moderator presume Elizabeth Warren was telling the truth about Sanders. First, the moderator asked Sanders why he told Warren a woman could not be President. Then, after a vigorous and forceful denial by Sanders, the moderator turned to Warren and asked by Sanders would say such a thing.

Last night, Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary. You would be hard pressed to know it. The press has given effusive praise and coverage to both Klobuchar and Buttigieg while downplaying Sanders. “You know, he won the state by more votes in 2016,” was the typical commentary. In 2016, there were just two candidates running.

Back in 2016, the press reaction to Ted Cruz winning the Iowa caucuses was similar. Most of the media declared Marco Rubio the winner by coming in third. They ignored Cruz and Trump. When Trump won New Hampshire, the press celebrated Ted Cruz’s defeat and touted John Kasich’s surge. They started taking Donald Trump seriously too.

The most remarkable thing is how the media, in 2016, went wall to wall with coverage of Trump. CNN would cover Trump’s plane landing like it was Air Force One. They reveled in the coverage of his rallies. They helped him get elected.

In 2020, as Bernie overtakes Biden in the polling average and turns out voters in the first two states, the media coverage seems almost designed to downplay what is happening.

The narrative scope of the media’s coverage really does suggest they are trying to pick a winner and have Bernie lose.